As we prepare for the New Year, Nortech remains committed a culture of continuous improvement.  2016 will be the 9th Anniversary for the company’s FOCUS Program, which is designed to teach and implement lean enterprise principles through all functions.

FOCUS was initially developed by Nortech management in 2007 with the aid of Charles Liedtke, a respected expert on continuous improvement.  Together we developed FOCUS, which not only standardized processes across Nortech sites through Integrated Business Process Management (IBPM), but also called for enhanced project management.  Subsequently Nortech has trained many of its employees in Lean Management / Six Sigma, from which some went on to become Green and Black Belts.  The company also began to push kaizen practices pro-actively as a tool to enhance our responsiveness for the customers.

The FOCUS Program has continued to evolve to help us and our customers meet a number of challenges.  In 2013, we introduced A3 Problem Solving and integrated Value Stream Mapping as a corporate-wide best practice.  Nortech now collects a number of inputs daily and monthly to map its progress on both customer- and corporate-driven cost reductions and efficiency projects.

In 2016 – nine years after its origin – Nortech’s FOCUS program is now part of our company fabric.  The team is excited to keep developing new tools and success stories to share as we approach the program’s 10th Anniversary.