Nortech - Nxthera - Nov 2015

On Thursday, November 19, Senior VP Curt Steichen and General Manager Robert Parsons were on hand at NxThera, Incorporated’s headquarters in Maple Grove, Minnesota to present a Valued Customer Partnership Award.  NxThera is a medical device company specializing in treating urologic conditions and has recently won 510(K) approval for its Rezūm System, which treats Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) through specialized water vapor delivery at the site of the condition.

Nortech has partnered with NxThera’s since 2011, supporting the production of its Rezūm System as it advanced through clinical trials.  NxThera was a particularly strong partner for Nortech as both parties have consistently engaged each other to fine-tune the manufacturing and delivery process so that inventory is well-managed and the product performs exceptionally for physicians.

“Our partnership with NxThera has meant so much to Nortech over the past few years,” stated Robert Parsons, Nortech’s GM for its Medical Manufacturing business.  “As the Rezūm Systems enters the marketplace, and seeing how this product has grown through this partnership between us, it’s a powerful moment.  We’re ready to continue supporting it as it becomes a robust option for both physicians and their patients.”

NxThera’s senior management expressed their gratitude for such an honor.  “Nortech has been a fantastic partner for NxThera throughout our journey to commercialization,” said J. Robert Paulson, Jr., President and CEO at NxThera, Inc.  “We look forward to continuing and growing our relationship during this next phase as we grow and expand our business.”

External Link:  NxThera, Inc.